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DIY : Macrame Plant Hanger

we found this awesome DIY from the ever inspiring Refinery29 , we thought it would be perfect for a tuesday project…

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Thin climbing rope or cotton rope
  • A small plastic or ceramic bowl
  • A small plant
  • A pair of scissors.

Step 1— Remove the plant from its original container and place into your bowl. Spread out the soil so that the plant is secure. You might need to add some extra potting soil.

 Step 2 — Cut eight pieces of nylon or cotton rope. Each piece should be 4-5 feet long, depending on how low or high you would like your plant to hang. Remember, it’s always better to have more rope to work with than less.

Step 3 — Gather up the eight pieces of rope and tie a knot at one end, leaving some excess rope at the top.

Step 4 — Separate the rope into four sections, with two pieces of rope per section.

Step 5 — Taking one section of rope at a time, begin to tie the two pieces of rope into a knot, leaving about an inch above the knot where all eight pieces of rope are tied.

Step 6 — Repeat with the remaining three sections of rope

Step 7 — Once you have all four knots tied, smooth our your rope again in a cross shape so you can clearly differentiate each section. Take the left piece of rope from one section and match it up with the right piece of rope from the closest section to the left of it

Step 8 — Tie these two pieces of rope together, again, about an inch above your previous knots.

Step 9 — Finish tying the knot.

Step 10 — Repeat for the remaining sections. Once your final knot is complete, your rope should have a square-like shape around the edges, and a cross-like shape in the middle. Align your ropes again so you can clearly distinguish between each of the four sections.

Step 11 — As we did in step 7, take the outermost piece of rope from one section and match it up with the closet piece of rope from the section to the left of it.

Step 12 — Tie these two ropes into a knot and repeat for the remaining sections.

 Step 13 — After all you finish all four sections, your rope should look like this — a cross-like shape on the outside, with a square-like shape in the middle, with a cross-like shape in the middle of the square.

Step 14 — Place your plant in the middle of your ropes. The original knot you made to tie all eight pieces of rope together should be at the bottom of the bowl.

Step 15 — Pull the lose ends of rope up around the sides of the bowls, so that the knotted area holds the bowl in place.

Step 16 — Gather the lose ends of the rope in place and determine how high or low you would like your planter to hang. Once you have determined the right length, tie off the loose rope in a knot.

Step 17 — Cut off any excess rope, leaving a few inches at the top as a tassel.

Step 18 — Hang your planter from a windowsill, or anywhere else you’d like to bring the outdoors in!

AND…. you can get as crafty as you like with the knots and colours you use… double strands…add some beads…paint the plant pots contrasting colours…

we would love to see any planters you make?!


have fun